Jet Trash

Feature - 2016
Director—Charles-Henri Belleville
Producers—Robert Sheehan, Andy Brunskill - Sums Film and Media
Cast—Robert Sheehan, Sofia Boutella, Osy Ikhile, Jasper Pääkkönen, Craig Parkinson
Music Performed by—Dave Hartley - piano, Ian Thomas - Drums, Chris Laurence - double bass,
Jazz Arrangements by—Ehud Freedman
Orchestral contractor and Jazz trio co-ordinator—Isobel Griffiths
Jazz trio co-ordinator assistant—Lucy Whalley
Music redorded at—Urchin Studios, London
Recording Engineer—Dan Cox


Misfits‘ Robert Sheehan’s island dream turns into a drug-fuelled nightmare in the first teaser for Jet Trash, premiering exclusively on Digital Spy.
Director Charles Henri Belleville’s thriller brings to mind Leonardo DiCaprio’s psychedelic The Beach – if that movie was on the worst LSD trip of all-time.
Robert Sheehan and Osy Ikhile (The Legend of Tarzan and In the Heart of the Sea) star as Lee and Sol, a pair of early-20s lads who leave London behind for a hedonistic lifestyle on the Indian island of Goa.
All is well at first as Lee and Sol indulge their inner-most desires for drugs and sex, until a visitor arrives to turn their holiday upside down in the worst possible way.
The visitor in question is the gorgeous Vix (Sofia Boutella), a mysterious old flame from Lee’s past who drags him into a showdown with the merciless mobster Marlowe (Watership Down and Line of Duty’s Craig Parkinson).
Needless to say, that’s Lee and Sol’s holiday pretty much ruined then.
Jet Trash is yet another potential breakout role for Sofia Boutella, who took the Enterprise by storm as the alien soldier Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond over the summer.
Sofia goes toe-to-toe with Hollywood icon Tom Cruise too as the undead villain in next year’s The Mummy, aimed to jumpstart Universal Pictures’ new monster movie universe.
As for BAFTA-nominated director Charles Henri Belleville, he’s impressed with his indie drama The Inheritance and has also gone the rock doc route with Razorlight: Rock and Roll Lies. - DIGITAL SPY
Jet Trash will be hitting selected UK cinemas on December 9, 2016 – and remember: there is no such thing as the perfect getaway.

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