STAY BEHIND – my grandfather’s secret war

Documentary - 90 min - 2017
Director—Ida Grøn
Producers—Vibeke Vogel - Bullitt Films, DK
Music redorded at—Air Studios
Recording Engineer and Mixing Engineer—Tom Bailey - Mixed at Air Studios
Cellist—Peter Gregson


One trace after the other indicates that Ida’s 94-year old beloved Grandfather, a respected dentist from the province and a freedom fighter under the occupation of Denmark, worked directly under the CIA during the Cold War in Denmark. It´s not something he´s willing to admit to, though. This is a family affair with global wings, high stakes and big surprises. Why did Otto sleep with a loaded gun right next his bed until he dropped it in the sea in 1982? How come he and his soulmate Dagmar took off to the USA in 1952, leaving their new flourishing dentist business behind to spend a year that they´ve forgotten all details about? And why is the traumatized Polish hitman, Jan, who admits to have served secretly under the CIA on Danish ground insisting that he has known and worked with Otto during the Cold War? These questions, along with the findings of a secret archive in a basement downtown Copenhagen, are what Ida sets out to learn more about.

Nordic:DOX 2017 Nominee